For many years, Dr. Nelson has been answering questions and providing information to help people care for their pets at her blog, Dr. Nelson’s Veterinary Blog. The blog is divided into the following categories:

  • Ask The Vet – This category provides general medical information
  • The Vet’s Pets – See the kinds of animals that Dr. Nelson has adopted. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, the animals who adopted Dr. Nelson.
  • You Make The Diagnosis – Test your knowledge by evaluating a case history, picture or video and then answering questions. The correct answers are provided.
  • Current Events – Learn about topics in the news including recalls, disease outbreaks and new treatments.
  • Poisonous Plants – Scroll through posts to learn about dangerous plants.

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Please know that Dr. Nelson is happy to answer general questions posted to this blog but cannot give specific medical advice without establishing a client/patient relationship. This means she has to review the medical history and examine the pet before giving diagnostic or treatment recommendations.