In 31 years of veterinary practice, Dr. Nelson has garnered many wonderful stories and insight from the animal kingdom.  Here are three of her presentations including her newest on burnout in the medical profession and how to rekindle your passion for practice.  She also works with meeting planners to customize speeches for your specific need.

Create Deep Bonds to Grow Your Business

Are you satisfied with your personal and professional relationships?  Would you like to have a deeper connection with your family, friends, staff and customers?   Strong bonds lead to less employee turnover, better customer retention and a robust referral network for new business.  Learn how to create bonds that last with Dr. Kristen Nelson.  She shares insight (and humor) from the animal kingdom to impart three key ways to create lasting bonds.  You will meet Susie the golden retriever, a beer drinking bird, and the star of her next book – a blind cat named Radar.

Attendees to this session will have a lot of fun as they learn the three keys to building strong bonds:

*Humane Leadership.
*Show people you care with efficient, cost-effective methods.
*When problems arise, use a new perspective to strengthen relationships.

Embrace Animals – Improve Your Life, Love & Health 

Studies show that people who live with animals enjoy lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and report fewer feelings of isolation and loneliness.  Children who live with a furry pet from birth to one year of age are 77% less likely to suffer from allergies and asthma.  Some animals even diagnose our physical illnesses.  Learn how animals improve human health with Dr. Kristen Nelson.  This is a great wellness talk sprinkled with humor from the animal kingdom.  You will meet a pit bull who was too friendly, a horse named Patches and Tigre, my own cat who diagnosed my cancer.

After hearing this presentation, attendees will:

*Understand the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of animals.
*Learn about animals who diagnose people.
*Recognize when an animal is trying to communicate.

Rekindle Your Joy For Practice 

Does a pit form in your stomach as your enter the clinic on Monday morning? Is your temper getting shorter by the day? Do you question your career choice? Then you may be suffering from burnout. Learn to rekindle your passion for practice with Dr. Nelson, a veterinarian who experienced this issue firsthand.  As a young veterinarian, she started a practice that broke even in six months. Four years later, she felt trapped by its success. Trying to be ‘all things to all people’ while ignoring her personal life left her feeling tired and isolated. Now, she enjoys practice even more than when she graduated 31 years ago.